Company Overview

Over 25 Years in Business     |     Over 300 Employees     |     5 Million Sq. Ft. Serviced Daily     |     Fortune 500 Clients


Quality employees are the fist step to quality janitorial and maintenance service. If you don’t have good people, you cannot expect to have good service. Our stringent hiring processes only supply us the best employees, consequently rendering a turnover rate 1/3 of the industry average. We take a multifaceted hiring approach that helps us get the best team members available.


FBS utilizes the latest quality control, work order, and customer communication technology to make us more effective in providing the commercial cleaning service you expect and require. For instance, our technology allows us to have real-time knowledge of every team member in your building. If someone does not show up, we know about it and correct the issue before it becomes a problem for you.


You can’t rate your success unless you measure it. By combining written inspections (with scores of the janitorial service) with standardized operating procedures, we ensure a high level of success.


The quality of our services and the effectiveness of our employees are directly related to the leadership of our management staff. If leadership is poor, then overall company performance will be poor. Therefore, we strive to hire the best and train for excellence. A quick survey of our management team will show we are committed to bringing excellence to the marketplace.



We earn our customers’ trust by demonstrating hard work, integrity and frequent communication. It is this trust that allows us to keep nearly 95% of our clients and is the principle that FBS was founded upon.