Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

Serving Customers

Frantz exists to serve and meet the needs of others, and we will only be successful when we serve well. Therefore, a passion for serving others will permeate everything we do.

Enriching Lives

Customers and employees are not simply means used to make money; rather they are ends in themselves. The customer and the employee both are valuable, and we will promote what is truly good for each.

Impacting Communities

Families and companies all exist as part of a community. Our company benefits the community and the community benefits our company; therefore, we will assist in promoting its welfare by any means possible.

Our Core Values

Integrity in Life

Character is the foundation for life. Character that lacks integrity results in distrust and disaster, but character of integrity and moral virtue leads to trust and true success. Therefore, every action performed and word spoken must possess the highest level of integrity.

Stewardship of Resources

Every individual and business has been given a limited amount of resources, including talents, money, time, and the trust of others. It is not the amount of resources that determines our success but how we use them. Hard work and good judgment applied to any amount of resources will lead to reward.

Excellence in Everything

We are made to live and work with excellence. Every task, process, and project should be performed to the highest degree of excellence. Anything less cheats you and those you serve. The world expects the best and we have the capability – so let’s deliver!

Humility in Service

A true measure of success is your impact on the world – your service. But serving well requires humility, an appropriately modest view of self, especially in relation to others. Therefore, having an impact requires that we serve and meet the needs of others.