Why Janitorial Work Is Important And Valuable

Often times, janitorial work is seen as menial, unimportant, and possessing little value. In our “you gotta get a management job” culture, janitorial work is certainly not something we are encouraged to aspire to. However, I want to suggest two reason why janitorial (and other facility maintenance work) is valuable and worthy of performing.

First, janitorial work is valuable because it serves others, meeting a specific need. Serving customers and meeting their needs is the basis of all companies, regardless of the product or service they offer. There is a real need for janitorial services in nearly every facility and it is a noble task to meet that need. Additionally, this type of service work cannot be outsourced to other countries; it requires hard-working Americans to carry out this task. People and companies need this service, and who better than you to provide it? If the need exists, then the work is valuable. Period!

Second, by performing janitorial services in different customer facilities, you are essentially partnering with them in serving their customers. They need our service so they can focus on their core product or service. Take for instance the work we do for medical facilities. Doctors and nurses are in the business of giving high-quality care to their patients. They are experts in the technical aspects of this care. However, a clean, sanitized facility is critical for delivering a top-notch patient experience. Therefore, every time you clean a medical facility, you are partnering with that specific medical practice to deliver care to their patients. This is an opportunity that is both important and valuable.

So don’t be sucked into the cultural lie that only certain jobs are valuable and important. You don’t need to be a political leader, high-level executive, or Hollywood star to have a meaningful career. If you are serving customers well, then you are in a meaningful job. Now go and give them your best!

Jordan Tong, President

Frantz Building Services

Jordan Tong

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