Frantz Building Services, Inc. provides cleaning and light maintenance for two of National Office Furniture’s (National) locations: Fordsville, Kentucky and Santa Claus, Indiana. Our story emanates from Fordsville.

Steve Goffinet is the Environmental Coordinator at the Fordsville facility. He is responsible for regulatory compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Kentucky Department for  Environmental Protection (KYDEP). Along with all of his National co-workers, Frantz Building Services also play a big role in helping him maintain the proper environment inside and outside of the building.  Together they maintain high standards for overall pollution prevention of the water, land, and air. It’s also a high priority to have an environment that looks clean and feels clean.

“I have an important job at National,” says Goffinet. “Our company is serious about sustainability and very conscious of the mark we make on the environment. We are committed to the continuous development of best practices and expertise in a sustainable environmental discipline.

Goffinet adds, “We have a creek that runs directly behind our Fordsville facility. Stormwater testing is done semi-annually and process wastewater testing is done quarterly. Required reports of these test results are submitted to the city of Fordsville and the state of Kentucky. Every month Frantz Building Services discharges 10 water pan spray booths, cleans, and refills them. Frantz scrapes out the sludge, filters it, and dries it to a solid state for proper disposal. Frantz carefully documents each step, and after our review, these documents are filed for future reference verification. Frantz gets it right every time.”


No Substitute for Good Communication

Frantz Building Services takes great pride in how hard its staff works and the processes that they follow to produce consistent client-pleasing results. The most critical part of the Frantz cleaning process is building a custom plan for each client and then carefully reporting progress each day.

“The supervisor for the Frantz team communicates with me through a nightly report and supplements that with weekly face-to-face meetings to review any exceptions that may have occurred. My confidence level is very high for the quality of the work and the timely manner that it is performed. I know things are going to be done properly,” Goffinet points out.

“We have to execute against Steve’s plans,” says Steven Kidd, Frantz branch manager. “Knowing his parameters helps us to produce the proper end results. We take our role very seriously. Our communication back and forth with our clients is what sets us apart. I asked Steve to paint a picture of how important our work is to NOF.  When you really understand what is important to your clients, it is much easier to coach your team to achieve specific results for each client. When our team understands how important their role is in helping the customer achieve their goals, it really begins to hit home.”


Experienced Staff and Service Longevity

Goffinet sees that understanding in the performance of the assigned Frantz team.

“I know the Frantz staff members. I review the crew members’ work and know what they are supposed to be doing. This is a complex operation and Frantz does a great job of supporting our needs.

“In addition to general cleaning of our offices, restrooms, and shop floor, Frantz also performs a variety of other tasks for us. One of the most important duties that they perform is overhead dusting. Our process creates a great deal of combustible dust. Frantz routinely cleans all of our overhead rafters and pipes to ensure a safe environment. Frantz also replaces our spray booth filters, cleans, and paints our booths, and manages our recyclable materials program. The Frantz team knows what we need and expect and they have a direct impact on our environmental goals.”


Follow the Plan to Success

National Office Furniture knows what they want from a building services company. Frantz knows how to deliver on expectations. To be successful, there must be a solid plan followed to the letter. The plan is only as good as the people who execute it and the careful routine review of how it is working.

Steven Kidd sums up the relationship. “As the Branch Manager, I talk with Steve Goffinet often. We used to hold monthly partnership meetings but Steve has now relaxed that requirement because our day-to-day communication is so thorough. When we do meet, Steve and I walk every inch of the facility and personally inspect all the elements of our plan. Partnerships become friendships when working like this.”

National Office Furniture, a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc. (NASDAQ: KBAL), is a Jasper, Indiana-based manufacturer of high-quality office furnishings. Since 1980, National has built a reputation for excellence with stylish furniture of exceptional value; a dedication to personalized service; product designs that reflect a passion for the user’s comfort and productivity; and a commitment to environmental responsibility. National operates facilities in Santa Claus and Jasper, Indiana; and Fordsville and Danville, Kentucky. The two Kentucky-based facilities are both members of the KY EXCEL “Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership” Program. The two Indiana-based facilities are members of the IN ESP “Indiana Environmental Stewardship Program.”

Frantz Building Services. For over 25 years have offered a wide array of regional services to companies like yours providing a flexible, cost-effective solution to managing your facilities service needs. Our team of more than 300 specialists is carefully selected and managed by experienced managers who stress hard work and integrity.  Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on the trusted quality services we provide. By combining written inspections with standardized operating procedures, we ensure the success that you expect on every job, every time.

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