4 Ways to Know You Are Dealing With A Professionally Run Janitorial Company

The choice of where a company purchases its cleaning supplies might seem like an insignificant detail. However, it may also be an indicator of the professionalism and quality of service you are receiving from your current vendor or expect to receive from a future service provider. Where a company sources its supplies is just the tip of the iceberg of what differentiates professionally run commercial janitorial companies from their counterparts.


Customer-Centric Service Delivery Model

A professionally run janitorial company listens to its customers and designs services to meet each client’s unique needs. This model typically includes processes to (1) ensure work is completed at a high level, (2) resolve service issues promptly, and (3) proactively suggest tactics to increase the look and feel of your facility. Unlike ad-hoc approaches, a structured service delivery model ensures consistency, reliability, and efficiency in maintaining the cleanliness of your facility.

Appropriately Paid Team Members

One of the most significant distinctions of a professional janitorial service is how they value and compensate their team members. Professional companies prioritize fair wages and benefits for their cleaning staff, recognizing their hard work and dedication. This commitment to employee welfare fosters job satisfaction and loyalty and translates into higher-quality service delivery as motivated employees take pride in their work.

Sound Hiring, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Training Processes

Building a competent and reliable cleaning team requires more than hiring individuals off the street. Professional janitorial companies implement rigorous hiring, recruiting, and onboarding processes to ensure they select candidates who are skilled and align with their values and work ethic. Thorough background checks, training programs, and ongoing support contribute to building a cohesive and capable team capable of delivering exceptional results.


Professional Tools and Equipment

Lastly, the tools and equipment used by a cleaning service play a crucial role in the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. While retail store supplies may suffice for basic household cleaning, they often fall short when handling the demands of commercial environments. Professional janitorial companies invest in high-quality, commercial-grade supplies, tools, and equipment specifically designed for a commercial setting.
In conclusion, the choice of cleaning supplies is more than just a matter of convenience or cost; it reflects the commitment and professionalism of a janitorial service provider. While some may opt for the ease of purchasing supplies from major retailers, discerning clients understand the value of partnering with a professionally run janitorial company. So, the next time you consider outsourcing your commercial cleaning needs, ask yourself: Does your cleaning service purchase their supplies from the dollar store, or do they invest in excellence?