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    School Cleaning in Kentucky, Tennessee & Indiana

    Frantz Building Services has aced every test for our school cleaning clients in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana since 1985. Learn how your school can partner with our team of cleaning experts that will help you design your school cleaning plan as well as execute it more effectively than ever. Contact us today to learn more!

    What is the Difference Between Janitorial Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning Services?

    In many ways, activities like floor cleaning and trash removal can be categorized as both industrial cleaning as well as janitorial cleaning tactics. But what makes industrial cleaning unique is the specialization in heavier cleaning tactics for more complex or challenging environments. For example, an office building typically closes in the evening where a warehouse might continue to work throughout the night. This is why it’s important for industrial cleaning companies to understand how to work around your employees and live equipment while also being able to effectively clean a more dynamic space.

    What Do School Cleaning Services Include?

    School cleaning services focus on keeping K-12 facilities clean and healthy for students and education professionals on a daily basis. The services our team of school-cleaning experts provide include but are not limited to the following:

    • Cleaning Entranceways, Hallways and Lockers

    • Classroom Cleaning

    • Activity Room & Gymnasium Cleaning

    • Library & Cafeteria Cleaning

    • Floor Stripping, Waxing & Buffing

    • Carpet Deep Clean

    • Lavatory Cleaning & Sanitizing

    • Sanitation & Recycling Management

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