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Our Purpose

Building a Great Company by Creating Opportunities to Serve

Every organization must ask themselves this very simple question: Why do we do what we do?

It seems like a very simple question, but many organizations fail to answer this question. The answer to this question give direction for every business idea or business process.

At Frantz Building Services we answer this question very simply: We exist to create opportunities to serve.

So, regardless of what we are doing – operating a floor scrubber, cleaning a restroom, interviewing a prospective team member, or serving orphans in Haiti – everything is done to create opportunities to serve others. In serving others, we hope to build a great company – great service to our clients, a great place to be employed, and a great member of our community and the world.

Our Culture & Values

Integrity, Humility, Excellence, Ownership Mentality

The previous question answers why a company exists. The following question help to guide a company’s team members as they go about their work: How do we do things here?

At Frantz Building Services, we established 4 core values that help to guide each team member as they do their job. To remind our team to remain focused on each core value, we provide the following questions

Integrity in Life

Have I been honest and forthright with everyone today?

Excellence in Everything

Did I give my best to our clients and my teammates today?

Humility in Service

Did I gladly accept constructive feedback about my work today?

Ownership Mentality

Did I think of or do something today that better served the clients or company?

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